Drafting Power Forwards

Matt Henderson
January 22 2015 01:48PM

Since writing the Crouse piece I have had a few people ask me really interesting questions about the potential of these young players. First and foremost I should say this: I don’t presume to know the future. I can’t say for certain that Crouse will not be the next great power forward in the NHL. All I have to go on is history. So when I was asked if power forwards develop slowly I thought it was an interesting question.

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The Sum Total of the David Perron Trade

Jonathan Willis
January 22 2015 11:48AM


It’s always interesting to compare the acquisition cost to the departure price when a team acquires a player and then a relatively short time later sends him out of town. The Edmonton Oilers did it with David Perron; did the team come out ahead?

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January 21 2015 05:07PM

petry common33

At some point over the next several weeks, the Edmonton Oilers will probably send away Jeff Petry to the highest bidder. The trade deadline is a time for rentals but Petry is a player who has far greater value because of his youth and perceived future value. He has a lot of miles left and has put in his time learning the NHL game. A smart team could end up trading rental price for a useful defender over a long period (should he sign). One team that has shown an ability to make intelligent seasons over recent months: The Montreal Canadiens.

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WWYDW: The Long-Term Coach of the Edmonton Oilers

Jonathan Willis
January 21 2015 11:15AM

Todd Nelson6

The Edmonton Oilers are just 5-9-2 since firing Dallas Eakins, but with Tuesday’s shootout win the club has improved to 5-4-2 since general manager Craig MacTavish went back upstairs and left the whole kit and caboodle in the hands of interim head coach Todd Nelson.

Is Nelson a long-term fit, or should the Oilers look to a veteran replacement this summer?

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Welcome To Edmonton Todd!

January 21 2015 09:14AM

JSBM caught up with Todd Nelson upon his arrival to Edmonton, and got his thoughts on becoming the 13th coach (to be fired) for the Edmonton Oilers. 

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