April 06 2014 07:19AM

eakins common33

After a long, disastrous season it's understandable to feel a need to lash out and point fingers. The problem? There are always some fingers pointing back at you.

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Sitting Down with Gene Principe

April 05 2014 05:18PM


I got a chance to have a chat with Gene Principe and find out what makes the Prince of Puns tick. I used some of your questions and some from around Nation HQ to find out the history behind his pre-game segments, what keeps him going, who's the best Oiler to interview and some other stuff. Gene's the greatest and it was super cool of him to take the time to chat with me.

Check it out...

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April 05 2014 12:13AM

horak ferguson 2

Roman Horak (in photo, courtesy Rob Ferguson) is one of Edmonton's restricted free agents this summer. Horak and his agent will no doubt be pursuing a new deal for more money, and a one-way (NHL) deal if possible. The Oilers have only so much room on their 50-man list, and are facing some tough decisions.

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GDB Wrap Up: Oilers @ Coyotes

April 04 2014 11:29PM


The Oilers won but this makes some people angry. It's a very confusing time. Final Score: 3-2 Oilers.

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Robin Brownlee
April 04 2014 05:29PM


I've always had a soft spot in my hard, old heart for Ryan Smyth, so I smiled today when the Edmonton Oilers announced he was the team's nominee for the 2014 Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy.

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