Because It's The Cap: Edmonton Oilers

Cam Lewis
May 23 2016 09:00AM

Over the next month, we at NHLnumbers are going to be taking a look at where each team in the league currently stands based on what we learned from them last season, and where they realistically can and should go this summer with the resources and cap space they have.

It’s pretty easy to look at the Edmonton Oilers’ 2015-16 season and say it was a complete disaster. I mean, you wouldn’t be wrong to view it that way, considering the fact they finished second last in the league standings and allowed their playoff drought to reach a decade in length. Their 31 wins are barely an improvement from all the way back in the 2009-10 season when they had 27, which is when they officially started tanking and their oil change began. 

If you told Oilers fans after they drafted Taylor Hall first overall that summer that the team would be fooling around in the league’s basement with a 31-43-8 record six seasons later, they most certainly wouldn’t have believed you. If they did believe you, they probably wouldn’t have assumed the rebuild was a total dud, but instead, the season’s failure was the result of unfortunate circumstances. And that wouldn’t be entirely wrong. 

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Monday Mailbag - Nuge or Draisaitl?

May 23 2016 07:00AM

My friends, it's that time of the week where our panel of geniuses writers answer your questions in an attempt to explain a little bit about hockey and this universe we live in. For most of us, having Monday off means we can sleep in, enjoy a few AM beers, and (maybe) do something productive if the cards fall that way. I dedicate this mailbag to those of you that have to work today, and hope that these 3000 words of questionable knowledge can help you kill off even a little bit of company time. Gord speed, working citizens. We're all pulling for you.

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2015-16 Oilers: Pouliot/Eberle & any given centre

Jonathan Willis
May 22 2016 04:30PM


It has become commonplace in Edmonton to talk about the importance of building down the middle. To some degree, that’s because the hockey community at large has always (and in my view rightly) valued centres over wingers. It’s also a result of Oilers teams over the last half-decade that had a lot of talent on the wing and not so much down the middle.

Still, as Jordan Eberle and Benoit Pouliot showed in 2015-16, wingers can make quite the difference too.

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May 22 2016 02:34PM

winquist williams 4

When Josh Winquist ended his WHL career (after posting 93 points in 67 games his final year) he went shopping for a pro contract. The Oklahoma City Barons answered the call, and Winquist has been posting offense in the Oilers organization since. Is it enough to get him an NHL contract?

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Nation Network Prospect Profiles: #38 Nathan Bastian

Ryan Biech
May 22 2016 07:00AM

A regular linemate of likely first-round picks Alexander Nylander and Michael McLeod, Nathan Bastian comes in as the 38th ranked prospect for the 2016 NHL Entry Draft.

A winger by trade, who can also play centre, Bastian is a player who can do it all but still has the offensive upside that will likely see him taken in the early to mid second round. He may even creep into the first round if a team feels that his skill-set are that of an NHL player.

Teams were likely scouting the Steelheads to see what Nylander and McLeod had to offer, but Bastian appears to be the 'safer' pick of the three, as he has the all the tools to make it as a middle six player.

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