October 14 2014 09:06AM

During this past week we took a trip down to LA to watch the Kings open up their 2014-15 season by raising the Stanley Cup, have a chat with our new cousins at The Royal Half and have a chat with Violent Gentlemen. This article is about their cool company and how they have helped me greatly with the Nation Network. 

You have been forewarned in advance. Anyone looking for Corsi/Fenwick6 calculations should skip this piece.

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Monday Mailbag - October 13th

October 13 2014 12:56PM


I hope all of you are having a fantastic Thanksgiving long weekend! May you drink and eat far more than you ever should.  If you have to work today, the mailbag is here to provide a distraction and waste company time.  If we can't help you waste company resources, what's the point of being here? If you have a question for the mailbag, email me at or hit me up on Twitter at @jsbmbaggedmilk.

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October 13 2014 10:56AM


Two games into the NHL season, Nail Yakupov looks better in every discipline. He's faster, more aggressive, drives to the net, passes with aplomb, is defensively aware to the point of shocking, and despite manic movement has slowed down enough to allow gaps and lanes to form. I've always preached patience with this player, and maturation is certainly part of the improvement.

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Where Does Luke Gazdic Fit on This Team?

Jonathan Willis
October 13 2014 06:30AM


A lot has been written about the death of the enforcer. I don’t think we’re there yet, but I do find it pretty interesting that after a pair of games against the Oilers two most hated rivals injured heavyweight Luke Gazdic hasn’t really been missed.

It’s also not at all clear where he slides into the lineup if and when the Oilers decide they do want to insert him.

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The Nation Minute

Nation World HQ
October 13 2014 06:00AM

The Nation Network brings you the Nation Minute, a rapid fire look around the network and the NHL. On tap this week: Don Cherry and the Leafs, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Jeff Petry, Mason Raymond and more.

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