WWYDW: Balanced Scoring or Loaded Lines?

Jonathan Willis
October 12 2016 03:30PM


Leon Draisaitl will start the year playing at centre, but it seems virtually certain that he’ll also see right wing fairly early in the 2016-17 NHL season. Where he ultimately ends up is a key component of today’s What Would You Do Wednesday question: Should the Oilers run a relatively balanced three-line attack or load their scorers on two lines?

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October 12 2016 09:00AM

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 6.45.17 PM

Given the fact 97% of my dreams for the past month have been Connor McDavid related, this isn’t going to be a very complicated pick now or basically ever again for the next 10-15 years.

But after taking the courageous route yesterday and declaring nothing and no one in particular to be my GOAT for the year, it is imperative that I come out of the gates HARD with the star selection on opening night. 

Decisiveness Wanye, make the big tough decisions.

You got this.

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Oilers announce 23-man roster

Zach Laing
October 12 2016 07:00AM

With the deadline for NHL teams to submit their cap compliant 23-man rosters at 3:00 PM MST yesterday, the Oilers announced the 23 players set to start the season in Edmonton.

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Pretending Puljujarvi Is Ready Hurts The Club

Matt Henderson
October 11 2016 09:35PM

The preseason has a couple major functions. Number one, they exist to get the veteran players back in game shape. Number two, they give clubs a chance to see where young or new players slot in on the depth chart. When it’s all over, the rust has been shaken off and teams know who is ready to perform and who is not.

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October 11 2016 04:30PM

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 9.27.38 AM

The annual tradition of selecting a goat for the coming season is serious business. Serious business indeed. Were it not for selecting a goat - the player whom you blame for all the problems of the team - these past 10 playoff free years would have been hard to stomach amirite? But they just flew by didn't they? HAHAHAHA

*single tear made of oil rolls down cheek*

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