Soak it up Marty Marincin!

Jason Strudwick
January 13 2014 08:26AM

Last week, young Oilers defender Martin Marincin was a surprise addition to Slovakia's hockey team going to Sochi for the Olympics. What a great feeling that must have been for him! The soon to be Olympian will turn twenty-two during the Olympics. The Olympics are huge for Europeans. After playing in three different European countries I can tell you people love to talk about past athletes that have represented their countries proudly. He and his family must be very excited.

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The strangest goal in a bad game

Jonathan Willis
January 12 2014 08:42PM

Edmonton lost to Chicago on Sunday night by a 5-3 score. It was entirely deserved; after a strong opening period by the Oilers the Blackhawks took over the second period and the game. Ales Hemsky wasted a good night where he did the heavy lifting on both of the Oilers’ two goals.

But the interesting thing is the other goal, the one Chicago gifted Edmonton with during a delayed penalty.

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January 12 2014 02:51PM

After watching the Mighty Oilers beat the Pens in an impressive fashion some of us find ourselves wondering if that level of compete and compelling victory are a one time aberration or a sign of things to come. It was a grand time on Friday night, with rarely seen "hooting" "hollering" and "legitimate excitement" felt by many Oilers fans. 

The team that came back in the third period was an entirely different squadron than we have seen on many a night and they need to be seen more often. And quick.

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January 12 2014 10:14AM

One of the items from Friday night that didn't get a lot of coverage: three specific lines with enough skill to be dangerous. The Oilers have (for a variety of reasons) had a difficult time giving definition and personality to their lines this season, but Friday night—and perhaps tonight—we'll see the same kind of quality and depth.

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Robin Brownlee
January 11 2014 02:29PM

If love is blind, as the saying goes, loyalty, as admirable as it can be, isn't far behind. Fans of the Edmonton Oilers can read an unflinching display of the latter from Oiler GM Craig MacTavish as it pertains to his team and friend Kevin Lowe in a terrific series by David Staples at the Edmonton Journal.

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