Where Does Devan Dubnyk Belong in the Oilers’ Pantheon of Goalies?

Jonathan Willis
December 12 2013 08:56AM


With the advances in goaltending over the last three decades, it can be difficult to evaluate across eras. But it’s possible, by comparing each player to the league average at the time, to approximate how Devan Dubnyk stands up to Grant Fuhr and Bill Ranford and Tommy Salo and all the rest.

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Robin Brownlee
December 11 2013 09:49PM

It's easy to dismiss the 7-3-1 record the Edmonton Oilers have strung together in their last 11 games because there's no question this has been a soft stretch in the schedule – assuming you can say there's such a thing as soft when you're talking about a team sitting 14th in the Western Conference.

While I'm not of the mind to shrug off this stretch completely, even with the last win coming by way of a 5-4 victory over the Carolina Hurricanes in a game that turned into a nail-biter when it shouldn't have, I'm not putting too much stock in what we've seen, either.

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December 11 2013 05:04PM


There's a lot of talk about young Sam Gagner these days, some troubling moments in the defensive zone married to sluggish offense have many wondering about his future as an Oiler. Should there be concern?

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Jason Gregor
December 11 2013 01:53PM

I believe the NHL is much safer now than it ever has been, yet I don't see many articles portraying that. Every time there is a borderline hit, or a spur-of-the-moment dumb decision that results in an injury to an opposing player, some pundits are quick to try and over blow the magnitude of the play.

Since the NHL implemented rule 48, there has been a drop in checks to the head. The players are getting the message.

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Brian Sutherby
December 11 2013 12:18PM

"Not all wins are pretty." That phrase is getting used quite a bit today.

Things were looking great when the Oil jumped out to 4-1 lead versus the Carolina Hurricanes. They were in the driver’s seat but eventually allowed the Canes back in the game, before pulling it out in overtime.

The Oilers have won 7 of their last 11 games and are far from being a legitimate contender, but at least they are getting some positive results.  It was not the second half of the game you want to see but they still won the game.

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