December 01 2012 07:48AM

Unless you've been away for a couple of months, the legend of Justin Schultz has washed over you and the Schultz-mania that will sweep our city the moment the lockout ends is something you're anticipating. What about the rest of the OKC defense? Are they progressing? Which of these young men is emerging as an NHL option, and who is getting left behind?

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KHL Highlights - Friday, November 30 2012

Cam Charron
November 30 2012 07:11PM

Avangard and Barys go to overtime, but as you can tell by the above image, the real story out here is Karri Rämö's awesome mask.

Here are the rest of the highlights:

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Gary Machiavelli

Jonathan Willis
November 30 2012 11:22AM

With the failure of mediation, the NHL has seemingly gone for a ‘Hail Mary’ move: asking for a direct meeting between owners and players without the presence of the leadership of either side. What should we make of this request?

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November 30 2012 07:22AM


Among the men who helped shape the "Boys on the Bus" Lee Fogolin holds a special place in Oilers history. No one was tougher than Fogolin, no one bled more than Fogolin in the name of the copper and blue, and when the time came, no one could imagine the class and grace displayed by Fogolin when he passed the mantle.

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KHL: Ovechkin's sick dangle, Yakupov has 18 in 18, Kulemin scores, and more

Steve Dangle
November 29 2012 10:25PM


Remember yesterday when I said I'd bring you some of the games we missed the day before? Here they are! Plus a brand new one with Ovechkin making a KHL defenceman look like a scarecrow. Just disgusting.


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