I have a bad feeling about this

Jonathan Willis
October 26 2013 05:33PM

The Edmonton Oilers had a pretty decent game. Really they did. Scout's honour. 

They lost anyway, and that's getting to be an ugly trend.

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October 26 2013 12:49PM


The poor and sickly Phoenix Coyotes (6-3-2) play the Mighty Edmonton Oilers (3-7-1) today at the gentlemanly hour of 1 PM. There are only so many ways you can write about a last place Oilers team needing to pick up the pace and climb back into the thick of things. 

Here goes attempt #405,606.

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Linus Omark scores four goals for OKC

Jonathan Willis
October 26 2013 09:59AM


So judging by the highlights, it was the Linus Omark show in San Antonio last night.

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October 25 2013 05:07PM


I've written an article about Tyler Pitlick over 40 times since he was drafted, which means I'm either diligent or a sucker for punishment. Pitlick's career progression is a reminder for all of us: these prospects rarely go in a straight line, and sometimes they lose one or two useful things along the way. 

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Oilers top line hits a big bump in the Road

Jason Strudwick
October 25 2013 09:32AM


The Nuge, Yak and Ebs trio were taught a pretty stiff lesson last night by the Washington Capitals top line. Ovie and his two line mates outscored the Oilers top line and that was the difference in the game.

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