December 21 2013 10:53AM

We're approaching the midway point of the season, and there are some risers and fallers on the Edmonton Oilers prospect board. Let's have a look at the offense via NHL equivalencies.

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December 20 2013 05:13PM

One of the things that kind of irks me about Oiler fans when discussing the draft and procurement is that there's no real attempt to compare one team to another. Oiler fans know about their prospects and Leafs fans their kids, but does anyone really know ALL of the draft picks well enough to give you an accurate idea about how well each team is doing at the draft table.  Beyond that, we have to deal with the impact of development—how are these young men brought along.

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Jason Gregor
December 20 2013 01:57PM


While it is tough being an Oiler fan right now you could be living in Congo and be worried about your family jewels. Things could always be worse.

I could sit down and write another blog bemoaning the fortunes of the Oilers, but I elected to give Oilers fans a break from the season that many feel is becoming the most frustrating and disappointing of the past decade. I don't think anyone predicted the Oilers to struggle this bad, but they have and the good news for Oiler fans is that 2013 is almost over.

We won't focus on the fact the Oilers are 30-45-10 during the past 12 months with five games remaining before the calendar turns, and Oilers fan collectively pray that somehow 2014 will better, instead we will look at some humourous things and the few positives surrounding the Oilers.

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Now Eventually You Do Plan To Have Power, On Your Powerplay, Right? Hello?

Jonathan Willis
December 19 2013 10:50PM

The game-winning goal in Thursday’s game was scored by the Colorado Avalanche, while the Edmonton Oilers were on the power play. That’s bad. That it’s just the way Oilers power plays tend to go these days is worse.

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December 19 2013 05:00PM


It could happen as soon as today (the trade deadline is tonight at midnight, after that no deals until Christmas past), but it's clear Linus Omark is once again hell bent on bolting the Oilers organization. A marriage that has always been uneasy appears to have reached the point where reconciliation is impossible.

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