Oilers learning how to increase their chances of victory

Jason Strudwick
October 13 2013 11:34AM

It takes time for a team to adopt the style of play a new coach is putting in place. At times the players are stuck between being in the right place and being out of position, it can look like they are frozen. We have seen this for quite a few periods for the Oilers this season. The good news is that it will get better.

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October 13 2013 09:01AM

Last night in the Big Smoke, Dallas Eakins decided not to play Nail Yakupov. The first cut is the deepest, but what are the reasons behind the move? Was the move warranted? Was the move inspired by something real or imagined?

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This is the perfect time to panic!

Jonathan Willis
October 12 2013 10:59PM

Devan Dubnyk has played four games for the Oilers this season. He has four losses and a 0.829 save percentage; he's probably directly cost Edmonton two wins and three points with his poor play.

What can the Oilers do about it?

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Jason Gregor
October 12 2013 11:40AM

Ideally your team would win every game, but since no North American pro team other than the 1972 Miami Dolphins has done that, fans expect their team will lose a few games. There are certain games, however, where you desperately want your team to win. Tonight is one of those for Oilers' fans.

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Brian Sutherby
October 12 2013 11:10AM

My old pal Boyd Gordon is getting some love in this city right now and well deserved. It’s nice he’s finally in a hockey market where his subtle intangibles will be greatly appreciated and on full display.

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