Jonathan Willis
December 08 2013 12:21AM


It seems an odd thing to be harping on defensive conscience after a game where the Oilers held Calgary to a single goal through regulation. Yet, here I am, doing just that. 

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December 07 2013 01:11PM


Proud new parents Traci and Jason welcomed their son Beckett William Douglas Gregor into the world on December 4th, 2013. This Battle of Alberta article is dedicated to him.

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December 07 2013 09:04AM

Taylor Hall has not played at his usual levels this season, but has been turning it on in the last 10 games (5-7-12, +1 in that time). For the first time since summer, there are rumblings about his chances to make the Canadian Olympic team. He makes my team all day, for the single reason that he's a human chance machine, but does he have a realistic chance?

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December 06 2013 06:58PM

Last night Martin Marincin played in his first NHL game, making it three for the show from the 2010 Entry Draft for the Edmonton Oilers. Taylor Hall made it in the fall of 2010, Tyler Pitlick a few short weeks ago and Marincin last night. How often do the Oilers have three players from one draft play in an NHL game? How often do they draft three players who end up playing 200 or more games? 500? More after the jump.

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Jason Gregor
December 06 2013 02:17PM

It is interesting how often we see similarities between sports and life. Last night, I watched my first NHL hockey game as a father. I spent half of the game watching my son Beckett sleep, your eyes gravitate towards a newborn just to ensure he is still there, and the other half of the game I watched with a grin. Those damn Oilers did it to the fans again.

Many parents have had their patience and sanity tested by a screaming child, but then in an instant when they stop crying, look up at you with a grin, your heart melts and everything is good again. It isn't that easy with the Oilers, and maybe a better comparison is that they are like that bad girlfriend/boyfriend that keeps sucking you back into the relationship.

Either way, last night the Oilers grabbed your attention, and despite your best efforts, once again they found a way to penetrate your inner fan.

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