Brian Sutherby
November 01 2013 09:39AM

This week's Q & A is ready.  We're talking Perron, Yakupov and the development of young hockey players.

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Blame Steve Tambellini

Jonathan Willis
November 01 2013 07:55AM

There’s a long list of things wrong with the Oilers right now, but somewhere near the top of the list has to be the state of the defence corps. With the exception of Jeff Petry (and possibly Anton Belov) there hasn’t really been a positive story on the Oilers’ blue line this season, and the only way to really address the problem is with top-pairing talent – something that can be extremely difficult to find.

It’s something the Oilers once had.

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October 31 2013 05:09PM


The Oilers struggles early in the season bring some familiar items from years previous, including the extreme value of high draft picks. With the Oilers currently 28th overall in the NHL standings, a top 3 selection is possible (if things continue). How valuable is a pick that high? Very valuable. How good is this season's crop? Early returns are mixed. 

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Brian Sutherby
October 31 2013 02:54PM

It’s Halloween Nation and it’s on and poppin’. This article is like a variety pack of candy treats. Enjoy.

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Jason Gregor
October 31 2013 09:47AM

Breaking up is hard to do. I remember the first time a girl broke up with me, and after the initial blow to my ego, I vividly remember that I felt relieved. There wasn't going to be any tears. I guess I wasn't that into her, but it is funny to recall the sense of relief of not having to be the breaker upper.

Tears are always the worst part when you are the one doing the breaking up. You tell them you aren't feeling it anymore, and suddenly the waterworks come, then the guilt overrides you and you find yourself staying in the relationship for a few more weeks.

We've all been there, well, at least most of guys have. I'm not sure if a guy crying convinces a girl to stick around. I'm certain Wanye could enlighten us on that scenario...but I digress.

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