Jason Gregor
October 17 2013 10:33AM

I grew up watching the Islanders, and then the Oilers, dominate the NHL. For me, these two organizations will always be connected, mainly due to their past greatness, but also because they've both struggled to gain respectability for the past two decades.

The Islanders have made the playoffs six times in the last 20 years, but they haven't won a playoff series since 1993. The Oilers have made the post-season seven times in the last 20 seasons, and they've won five series, three of them in 2006. The past two decades haven't been pretty for two of the most storied franchises in NHL history, and both of them are trying to regain respectability.

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The Free Agent Goalie List

Jonathan Willis
October 17 2013 08:33AM

If the Oilers decide to acquire a new goaltender, the best route at the moment is probably free agency. Yes, the talent’s been picked over, but the acquisition cost is a willingness to put Jason LaBarbera on waivers, rather than something ludicrous. What’s out there?

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October 16 2013 06:23PM

It looks like some folks are taking this opportunity (the Yak healthy scratching) to take their shots at the young Russian. I say wait just one damn minute! Yak City might be struggling, but he's our guy and we've got his back!

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Jason Gregor
October 16 2013 11:32AM

Guy Lafleur was in Edmonton last week for an autograph signing at Pro AM Sports. I was fortunate enought to have the opportunity to speak with the Hall of Famer and get his thoughts on a variety of topics. My thoughts are in italics.

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Goalie In, Young Gun Out?

Jonathan Willis
October 16 2013 08:21AM


If TSN's top duo of Bob McKenzie and Darren Dreger are to be believed, Craig MacTavish is taking measured action in response to the Oilers' troubles early: assessing the trade market for goalies but not on the verge of making a deal. 

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