Two areas of concern for the Oilers

Jason Strudwick
October 06 2013 12:02PM

Saturday night’s game in Vancouver against the Canucks was an early season opportunity for the Oilers to show on Hockey Night in Canada that this is a new team. A team poised ready to make the next step and become a playoff team. The game did not leave that impression on Canada or the rest of the NHL.

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Brian Sutherby
October 06 2013 08:27AM

All kinds of changes during the off season and two games in, it’s fair to say not much has changed for the Edmonton Oilers.

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October 06 2013 08:11AM

For Bo Yakimov, the KHL season has been both a huge jump in quality and a major confidence boost. Although he's playing at a much higher level than a year ago, Yakimov is having success, and that is a positive arrow for his NHL future. It also bodes well for the big draft day trade that involved six picks. So far, so good for the Oiler side.

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Robin Brownlee
October 05 2013 11:55PM

History tells us two games does not a season make, so those writing off the Edmonton Oilers after Saturday's 6-2 loss to the Vancouver Canucks are jumping the gun, even if that's understandable with patience waning after seven years out of the playoffs.

So, no, the fate of the Oilers isn't cast in stone after a 5-4 defeat against the Winnipeg Jets on opening night and the loss to the Canucks. That said, I'm more alarmed at how the Oilers lost in Vancouver rather than that they lost.

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Turn Off The Lights. The Season Is Over.

Jonathan Willis
October 05 2013 11:29PM

Based on the reaction to tonight's game on Twitter, I've arrived at an inescapable conclusion: the season is over. Thanks, Craig MacTavish, for trying to fix the Oilers, but now you need to go back to the drawing board. The good news is that you have just under 12 months to completely overhaul the team before the 2014-15 season starts.

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