Will the Oilers sign Bernhard Starkbaum?

Jonathan Willis
May 28 2013 11:05AM

Reports out of Europe suggest that the Oilers could be interested in 27-year old goaltender Bernhard Starkbaum, who spent last season in the Swedish Elite League. Who is he, and would he be a good signing for the Oilers?

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Identity Theft

Jonathan Willis
May 27 2013 12:18PM

Craig MacTavish has been doing what feels like a media blitz since taking over as general manager, making a point of communicating his message clearly and frequently to the Oilers’ fan base. On Friday he appeared on Oilers Now and said a lot of interesting things, though what stood out to me were his comments on team identity.

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May 26 2013 11:02AM

Although we're still a few weeks away from the draft and what might be a wild summer of trading and free agency, NHL teams are beginning to tip their hands. What's coming? A LOT of movement--buyouts, trades to save cap dollars, Euro contracts for NHLers no longer wanted--and for fans maybe a summer of activity the likes of which we've never seen before. In dear old Edmonton, the 'waiting for the paint to dry' approach of the previous administration appears to be a distant bell. There's a new sheriff in town--and he's impatient.

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Roberto Luongo?

Jonathan Willis
May 25 2013 01:35PM

If the Edmonton Oilers aren’t thrilled with Devan Dubnyk’s performance as a starting goaltender, does it make sense for the club to pursue Vancouver Canucks starter Roberto Luongo?

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May 25 2013 11:45AM

The young OKC Barons are now deep into the playoffs, as they prepare to play Grand Rapids in game two tonight (lost a close one in the lid-lifter Friday). As the Edmonton Oilers continue to fill holes in the roster, the question for these young Barons becomes more clear: is there ROOM at the top? And if so, which of these young men have shown themselves worthy this season?

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