Brian Sutherby
October 01 2013 10:55AM


The Nation Network is proud to officially announce an agreement to purchase, a leading fantasy hockey resource. Network traffic is expected to double to 30 million visitors and 75 million page views annually in the next 12 months as result. 

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Edmonton Oilers 2013-14 Season Preview

Jonathan Willis
October 01 2013 08:52AM

It all starts tonight. Will 2014 bring with it the Oilers’ first trip to the playoffs since 2006? Or will this season end the same way the last seven have?

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Systems Analysis: Different Looks at the Swarm

Kevin McCartney
October 01 2013 06:46AM

Game one between Winnipeg and Edmonton offers us an edu-taining systems battle. Without the puck, both teams use what is broadly called a 'swarm' system, but each team employs it very differently. Inside we'll talk about what a swarm is and why it's used, and then examine some practice video and still images to see if we can spot the differences in their systems play.

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Brian Sutherby
September 30 2013 05:57PM

I have been thrust in charge of most things Streakcred because I’m the person around here that likes to win every useless thing in the world and I’m quite proud of it. With a mantle full of fishing titles and fantasy sports trophies I set out to dominate this year’s Streakcred. I’ve trained long and hard for this.

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Jason Gregor
September 30 2013 02:31PM

A lot has changed in the last few days in Edmonton. Andrew Ference is the new captain, the Oilers claimed their second pugilist off of waivers in a week, Luke Gadzic, Philip Larsen and Ryan Hamilton were put on waivers and suddenly the Oilers have 49 contracts.

The season hasn't even started, yet it looks like the Oilers will have six players on the IR or LTIR before their first game.

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