July 21 2013 06:50PM

It may take years, but the 'big trade' for the Oilers this summer may have been the one, the boring one, the one announced in aged monotone by Jim Gregory at the NHL entry draft. It was actually two trades, and the return was five names for one name. It'll be ages before we know the winner, but the race is on!

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Sam Gagner and the rest of the 2007 Draft

Jonathan Willis
July 21 2013 11:34AM

Oilers fans have spent a lot of time over the last six years analyzing Sam Gagner. His rookie year set expectations high, but with each passing season without an offensive breakthrough those expectations dipped lower and lower. Now there seems to be a sense that he’s peaked and he’s just going to be a 50-point guy.

From the perspective of fans who have been watching him for six seasons now, that’s understandable. But something very interesting happens when we compare him to other early picks in his draft year.

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July 21 2013 09:52AM

Making a case for Sam Gagner at $5M a year isn't hard to do, but for the Oilers it's more difficult to find a way to include him in their future at that number. Well beyond $5M? Almost impossible.

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Sam Gagner: Getting Down To Brass Tacks

Jonathan Willis
July 20 2013 11:34AM

The negotiating positions of Sam Gagner and the Edmonton Oilers were made a little clearer on Saturday, as the asks of both parties at arbitration were published by prominent members of the media.

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July 19 2013 09:49PM

For Oiler fans, the big acquisition this summer was David Perron. A skilled winger with a nice resume, we're excited to see what he can do, see how many goals he can score alongside the young and talented forwards in Edmonton. Perron's exit from St. Louis was a bit of surprise, but cap worries made it necessary. What did his coach think of him? Good things. Good things.

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