Jason Gregor
September 13 2013 07:33AM

The Oilers first day of training camp started with the RHIET (Repeated High Intensity Endurance Test) and finished with a solid focus on defensive zone coverage. The RHIET six lengths of the ice, back and forth, had pretty much every player skating straight-legged for the final two sets.

After the players finished their RHIET they had some time to recuperate, before heading to the adjacent sheet of ice for the rest of practice, where much of the practice revolved around D-zone coverage. The Oilers have been a train wreck in their own zone the past few years, and none of them seemed surprised that day one had a strong focus on the defensive zone.

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September 12 2013 06:12PM

There are few things in life--kissing a beautiful girl, a really good scotch, hearing "I love you" from your child--that can match the simple pleasure of hearing skates cut through ice and the beginning of another hockey season. One thing I know--the love for the game has held constant and grown in my lifetime, and shows no signs of wavering.

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September 12 2013 02:46PM


What up new sexy Coach of the Oilers? You are certainly making a big splash in your early days at camp. Banning doughnuts, making grim faced statements of grim determination at every turn. Working out at 2:15 AM whilst the rest of us are lazily sleeping the day away. 


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Brian Sutherby
September 12 2013 10:34AM

After such a kind and fittingly exaggerated introduction article the other day, I figured I should pop my Nation cherry by telling you a little bit about how I got here.

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Jason Gregor
September 11 2013 02:44PM

For all the rookies, today is a great day. It is their first day of main camp, shaking hands with veterans and trying not to look too excited as they attend their first day of training camp. Realistically, the only rookie with a chance to crack the lineup is Oscar Klefbom, but that won't dampen the enthusiasm of the next few days for all the young players.

The rookies aren't the only ones excited though. The veterans are just as giddy about the possibilities that await the 2013/2014 Edmonton Oilers.

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