Jason Gregor
August 30 2013 08:31AM

Based on the emotion, conversation and amount of articles I've seen since Wanye wrote Sam Gagner will be the Edmonton's 14th Captain; it is obvious hockey fans are getting restless. The season unofficially begins next week with rookie camp, while thankfully main camp is less than two weeks away, so the focus can go back to whether the Oilers have improved enough to contend for the playoffs.

We've enjoyed the distractions: debate of the captaincy, the return of Linus Omark, Taylor Hall's supposed Olympic snub by TSN and more, but none of that will matter once the puck drops Sept 14th vs. the Calgary Flames. What matters will be if the Oilers have improved.

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The Captaincy: There’s No Rush

Jonathan Willis
August 29 2013 09:44AM

Thanks to our own Wanye Gretz, everybody’s talking about who the Edmonton Oilers’ next captain should be. Should it be one of the team’s young stars? Should it be Sam Gagner? Should it be a veteran like Andrew Ference?

I can’t help thinking there’s no rush to make a decision.

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August 28 2013 08:36PM

After an exceptional three season run of impact rookies on their way to being impact NHLers, the cupboard is decidedly bare for Oiler rookies this season. Or is it?

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Taylor Hall, Olympian

Jonathan Willis
August 28 2013 10:03AM

No less an authority than the TSN panel has predicted that the Edmonton Oilers best player, Taylor Hall, will be sitting at home watching the Olympic games rather than representing Canada in Sochi.

Here’s why they’re wrong.

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August 27 2013 09:26PM

Now many moons ago back in 2009 your ol' pal Wanye tripped over some news at the bottle depot when we found out that Mike Comrie was coming back to the Oilers for a second tour of duty. 

Everyone under the sun called us a liar, a dreamer or worse but history ultimately proved us correct. It seems that even now and again a garbage can gets another steak because we have a second bit of news a mere four years later.

Sam Gagner is going to be named the 14th Captain of the Edmonton Oilers.

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