Brian Sutherby
September 12 2013 10:34AM

After such a kind and fittingly exaggerated introduction article the other day, I figured I should pop my Nation cherry by telling you a little bit about how I got here.

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Jason Gregor
September 11 2013 02:44PM

For all the rookies, today is a great day. It is their first day of main camp, shaking hands with veterans and trying not to look too excited as they attend their first day of training camp. Realistically, the only rookie with a chance to crack the lineup is Oscar Klefbom, but that won't dampen the enthusiasm of the next few days for all the young players.

The rookies aren't the only ones excited though. The veterans are just as giddy about the possibilities that await the 2013/2014 Edmonton Oilers.

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Oilers release training camp roster; looking for enforcer

Jonathan Willis
September 11 2013 09:31AM


The Oilers main camp starts today, and the team released its roster via Twitter this morning. There aren’t any major shocks, but there are a few names Oilers fans might not recognize.

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September 10 2013 05:47PM


To hear some people talk, Taylor Hall's move from wing to center is a radical thing, something that should be avoided at all costs, mistrusted. Folks, this isn't handing lead guitar to Bill Wyman, Taylor Hall can play. There's every chance he'll do well in the middle. The more interesting question is this: should he stay at center if it works? 

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Accelerating the defensive rebuild

Jonathan Willis
September 10 2013 02:30PM

The Oilers’ rebuild has hit on a basic problem. The top end of the forward group is made up of NHL difference-makers, players ready or very nearly ready to contribute to a contending team. The top end of the defence corps is still very much a work in progress.

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