The Chicago Blackhawks win the 2013 Stanley Cup

Jonathan Willis
June 25 2013 01:08AM

The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup on Monday night. In so doing, they exposed many of the commonly accepted truths about what it takes to win in the playoffs as the lies they are.

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June 24 2013 01:20PM

I don't do mock drafts, but with this year's edition of the draft full of more plot twists than a Whodunit, I thought it might be fun. Hope you enjoy it!

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Jason Gregor
June 24 2013 11:32AM

It is Stanley Cup week for Oilers fans, and I'm not talking about the Bruins and Hawks. Your excitement and dreams of the Stanley Cup rest on hope, faith and the willingness to believe that the Oilers will draft two or three key pieces for the future this Sunday in New Jersey.

That is the reality when you're a fan of a team with the longest playoff drought in the NHL, however, this week there is a distinct different feeling in Oilersnation than in previous years. The anticipation is higher,  and it isn't focused on who the Oilers will draft, but instead what type of moves Craig MacTavish will make.

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'Everyone has skill'

Jason Strudwick
June 24 2013 08:37AM

It has been a lot of fun watching these playoffs. There has been everything I like about hockey....hitting, lots of net front and corner battles and intensity.  The Cup final has been very good.

I watched Game five with some friends, and of course when a bunch of Oiler fans get together to watch the playoffs at some point the conversation comes back around to the Oilers. I really enjoy listening to the comments from Oiler fans about their team. This time the topics ranged from goaltending to coaching and everything in between.

I have heard this all before so nothing really new there until the topic of how the Oilers would do against the Bruins or the Hawks in a seven game series came up. This is where the inspiration for this article came from.

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Robin Brownlee
June 23 2013 09:44PM

With the Edmonton Oilers announcing a media availability with GM Craig MacTavish Tuesday, there's been no end of speculation and rumors about what, exactly, MacT wants to talk about.

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