July 28 2013 09:27AM

The Edmonton Oilers continue to build their team via the draft, and increasingly those draft picks are coming from the OHL. How drastic has the change in philosophy been? Pronounced.

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July 27 2013 03:08PM

After years of pondering where the #1 overall pick will play in the fall, Oiler fans are forced to discuss other issues this summer. One of the main items--assuming the Oilers are finished shopping--is 3line LW. My belief is that Ryan Smyth has the inside track based on experience and ability. Agree?

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A lack of opportunity for Taylor Fedun

Jonathan Willis
July 27 2013 01:04PM

Exhibit A in “Life isn’t fair” on the Oilers roster is without question Taylor Fedun. Through no fault of his own, the young defenceman missed a golden opportunity to find an NHL career in Edmonton, and it appears as though his window to capture a job on the club’s blue line has all but closed.

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July 26 2013 08:00PM

For some time now, we've been talking about equivalencies, using Gabriel Desjardins' NHLE's going back several years. The boys over at NHL Numbers have had a lash at updating the equation, and now Rob Vollman from Hockey Prospectus gives it a try. The results--when applied to the Oilers prospect base--suggest there are some very talented offensive players bubbling under.

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An opportunity for Mark Arcobello?

Jonathan Willis
July 26 2013 09:35AM

It’s funny what a change in management can do. A year ago, Mark Arcobello got a bunch of breaks but wasn’t allowed to take advantage of them – because no matter how poorly Chris Vande Velde or Ryan Smyth played at centre, he wasn’t going to get a real opportunity to show what he could do. He landed a single NHL game despite a decimated depth chart and guys playing out of position.

Under the new regime, he may find himself on the opening night roster.

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