Jason Gregor
July 30 2013 12:18PM

After winning the 2002 Olympic gold medal, Canada kept the same coaching staff for the 2006 Olympics, but they were unable to match their gold medal run in Turin. Was the 2002 team that much better? Did they play a different style, even though the ice surface in Provo, Salt Lake was Olympic size (200 feet x 100 feet) and the same as Turin, Italy?

Will Canada play a different style in Sochi than they did in Vancouver, 2010? Will they want different style of players?

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Robin Brownlee
July 29 2013 08:33PM

I usually don't put a lot of stock in the polls that David Staples runs over at the Cult of Hockey at The Edmonton Journal. In fact I sometimes mock them, but the results Staples is getting today for his latest question – Who is Edmonton's top sports radio host? – confirm what I already know.

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Jason Gregor
July 29 2013 11:55AM

Ken Hitchcock has been a head coach in the NHL for 15 seasons, and he's earned a reputation of being a very demanding coach. Last year, Hitchcock told me he's changed his coaching style a bit. He isn't as demanding on non-game days as he was when he coached the Stars and Flyers, but on game days players still need to play the way he wants or they likely won't play.

Hitchcock gave me some insight into David Perron, and he also shed some light on how he plans to alter Magnus Paajarvi's game.

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July 29 2013 11:34AM

It's the dog days of summer. People have stopped complaining about the cold and are now complaining about the heat. Other folks have stopped complaining about pot holes and are now complaining about traffic snarls from pot hole fixing crews. And others still are cleaning out their houses and having garage sales to free up space for more stuff down the road.

We here at NationHQ are no exception. It's time to have a blow out sale of assorted NationGear from events in the past year as well as a special line of tees from the site that birthed the Nation Network in it's entirety. We found a box in Wanye Manor and almost fainted.

Oh and proceeds go to charity.

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Linus Omark, trade, and the NHL salary cap

Jonathan Willis
July 29 2013 10:19AM

I’ll admit it: I thought Oilers general manager Craig MacTavish was going to be able to trade Linus Omark this summer. Part of that’s probably because I have more time for Omark than others – I always enjoyed his skill, saw him as a “hard on the puck” player and felt his defensive deficiencies were blown out of proportion.

But I didn’t think Omark was going to be traded because he’s a no-brainer ‘must be in the NHL’ player. I thought Omark was going to be traded because he’s cheap.

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