August 02 2013 07:36AM


Martin Marincin is developing as a very nice prospect for future NHL employment. His progress from junior to pro this past season had some bumpy moments, but by season's end he was well inside the top 4D at evens and a feature player for much of the year 5x4. Martin Marincin has a problem though: he's boxed in. Klefbom ahead of him, Nurse behind, and man there's not a lot of room.  

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August 01 2013 10:32PM


It's still the summertime doldrums here at the Nation. With little news expected in the next few weeks before things heat up prior to the season starting articles involve projections, speculation, rumours and British people bombing down hills after a wheel of cheese. 

And today we present an article on the new trash button and what it means to society. If you want an article about EV/60 or something else substantiative keep on truckin soldier. If you want to know why we created a trash button that will probably lead to fist fights in the comments section for all eternity read on.

This is an article about the business of the Nation and nothing more. You have been warned.

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How will Dallas Eakins run his special teams?

Jonathan Willis
August 01 2013 07:49AM

A little over a week ago, with the Oilers seemingly done making significant changes, we looked at how the Oilers might run their even-strength lines. But what about special teams?

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July 31 2013 11:10AM

Sitting around with the team at NationHQ the conversation never veers far from our beloved Oilers. "Ever hear of the Oilers?" we will often muse aloud to an empty room. "Remember the time they went to the Cup Finals in 2006?"

At this point a tumbleweed or something equally forlorn will roll down the centre of the office and we will go back to playing Clash of Clans, misty eyed with memories of a better time.

But things are starting to pick up around here. Full time staffers are starting to increase, there are ever more people showing up to work. And we get to have actual conversations with actual people. It's all very exciting you see. Like an elderly Fred Durst in the song above - we are ready to go.

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How has the Edmonton Oilers' roster changed from last year?

Jonathan Willis
July 31 2013 09:18AM

While Craig MacTavish may have failed to make all the bold moves he wanted to get done, he has been very active in his first summer as the Oilers’ general manager. How does the roster he’s assembled compare with the one Steve Tambellini put together for the start of last season?

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