Crouse Crazy

Matt Henderson
January 16 2015 05:09PM

We are halfway through he season and the Oilers are dead last in the NHL. If all things stay as they are then the team will draft either Connor McDavid or Jack Eichel 1 or 2. It's so easy your pet rock could do it. Both are centers. Both are elite talents. It looks like McDavid is a level above Eichel and Eichel is a level above everybody else. After those two there are several other names floating around but none more frightening than Lawson Crouse. 

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January 16 2015 12:27PM


Growing up, I was a total sports snob. I always differentiated between non-contact, gym sports – basketball, volleyball, that weird game in Asia where they play volleyball with their feet – and real sports – hockey, end of list. I silently sneered at classmates who stayed after school to change into sneakers and shorts to run around on whichever overlapping lines applied to them, while I went home to grab my gear and head to whichever mini-stadium I was playing in that night.

There was just something…flakey about school sports. Their games were about an hour, usually right after school. I had to be at the rink an hour early, for a two-hour time slot, and often didn’t make it home until after twelve on a school night. Something about the small time commitment and large amount of sleep they got made me doubt they really cared about their games the way my teammates and I cared about ours.

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The Nail Yakupov Problem

Jonathan Willis
January 16 2015 09:00AM


The Edmonton Oilers have a serious problem with Nail Yakupov, who at this moment in time looks like the worst first overall pick since Patrik Stefan/Rick DiPietro were selected in back-to-back years. Ever wonder what drafting Alexandre Daigle looks like? Three seasons in it looks a lot like Yakupov.

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The Roundup

Nation World HQ
January 16 2015 07:30AM


Canucks will miss the playoffs, Kessel trade rumors, Flames slowing down, Oilers usual antics, Teemu the Dominator and more in this week's Roundup.

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GDB 45.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Lightning

January 15 2015 08:12PM

Third period leads are the Oilers kryptonite. Final Score: 3-2 Lightning.

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