REPORT: Oilers to Hire Todd McLellan

May 13 2015 02:39PM


According to Elliotte Friedman, the Oilers will be hiring Todd McLellan as their new head coach "barring a major collapse." 

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WWYDW: Defence or Goaltending?

May 13 2015 01:54PM


Peter Chiarelli’s to do list in his first summer as the Oilers’ General Manager a long one. This team has about as many holes as it does legitimate assets. For every Taylor Hall we have there is a a #1 d-man/starting goalie sized hole to balance things out. This is a problem. Which is the bigger problem? That's what I need you to tell me.

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Robin Brownlee
May 12 2015 11:30AM

Under normal circumstances, Leon Draisaitl would still be considered the shiny, new thing with the Edmonton Oilers after being drafted third overall last summer as the big, talented centre the team has long coveted.

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Oilers Sign Goalie Eetu Laurikainen

May 12 2015 10:32AM


After missing out on the Matt O'Connor sweepstakes, the Oilers made a move to improve their goaltending depth by signing Finnish goaltender Eetu Laurikainen. First order of business: How do we pronounce this guy's name? I'm going with (Eat-you). 

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Tyler Pitlick: Time To Walk Away

Matt Henderson
May 11 2015 03:30PM

Sometimes a player comes along who just seems to have all the tools but can never put them all together. They have the shot, the speed, the size, and yet those attributes seem to exist apart from each other. When the Oilers drafted Tyler Pitlick there was a contingent of people who thought the team had just found a future top six player. Now I’m not so convinced he’s even worth a contract spot.

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