If Ales Hemsky has low value, does it make sense to trade him?

Jonathan Willis
May 21 2013 12:07PM

Yesterday, we considered former NHL general manager Craig Button’s point of view on Ales Hemsky – that his trade value is so low that even at a steep discount the Oilers might not get a second round draft pick. While that’s a debatable viewpoint, the truth is that Hemsky is not likely to yield a grand return. With his trade value low, does it even make sense to trade him at this point?

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May 20 2013 03:15PM

We're just a few weeks away from the 2013 NHL Entry Draft. The Edmonton Oilers have stocked the cupboards with #1 overall's and many picks inside the top 100 since 2010, and this year's draft will feature three early picks (unless there's a trade). There's a very good chance we know their names as of today: the NHL combine list has been released.

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Former NHL GM: “I don’t know if they can get [a second round pick] for Hemsky”

Jonathan Willis
May 20 2013 09:48AM

Craig Button, the one-time general manager of the Calgary Flames, does not believe Ales Hemsky has much in the way of trade value. Barely any trade value at all, in point of fact.

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May 19 2013 09:37PM

The Edmonton Oilers are going to be very active this summer. The goal? The return of the kind of craziness that caused this fellow to fly to Rexall from Vancouver and spend two bills on beer. How do we get there?

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There’s an advantage to focusing on European goaltenders

Jonathan Willis
May 19 2013 11:30AM

It’s no secret that an ever-increasing percentage of NHL goaltenders come from Europe. Less known is the fact that the new collective bargaining agreement gives teams substantially more flexibility when it comes to drafting goaltenders developed in Europe than in North America.

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