Let’s all get excited about the draft!

Jonathan Willis
June 29 2013 11:19AM

Photo: VancityAllie/Wikimedia

Every year, it’s the same thing. This defenceman is the next Chris Pronger or Shea Weber, this forward the next Steve Yzerman or Ryan Getzlaf. Guys who realistically project as third liners get written up as top-line players.

It’s important to step back, and remember that whatever is getting written about these players, the end result is likely to be far more prosaic in most cases.

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June 29 2013 09:07AM

On draft day, nerds like me always have their favorites. Far from the top 30 overall, long past the longest mock (even Pronman's) there are names that some of us will be looking for in tomorrow's 211 names. I don't like Harry, I don't love Louis, but there are some names I'd like to share before the draft.

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Jason Gregor
June 28 2013 10:50AM

For the first time since 2006 the NHL draft will be a one day event. It starts at 1 p.m. MST on Sunday and is scheduled to last eight hours. Edmonton currently has the #7, #37, #56 (from Anaheim), #128, #158 and #188. They traded their 3rd rounder (Fistric) to Dallas and 4th rounder to Florida (Smithson).

This week has already had many story lines, and we can expect to many more before Sunday evening. The Oilers were in the news again this morning when Dallas Eakins announced his coaching staff.

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Dave Bolland is not a fit for the Edmonton Oilers

Jonathan Willis
June 28 2013 09:24AM

On Wednesday, ESPN/TSN reporter Pierre LeBrun tweeted that Chicago Blackhawks centre Dave Bolland was being shopped by the team. Bolland, highly regarded as one of the league’s best checking centres in recent years, would under normal circumstances be a highly desirable acquisition for the Edmonton Oilers. Circumstances, however, are far from normal.

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June 28 2013 05:30AM

Miro Satan was drafted by Barry Fraser and the Edmonton Oilers during one of the darkest periods in team history (1993). His incredible development over a small period of time should have represented a major victory for the organization, but they sent away over 300 goals and a long NHL career for very little return. 

Satan serves as a cautionary tale: don't give up on prospects too soon--especially those who are delivering results! 

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