June 28 2013 05:30AM

Miro Satan was drafted by Barry Fraser and the Edmonton Oilers during one of the darkest periods in team history (1993). His incredible development over a small period of time should have represented a major victory for the organization, but they sent away over 300 goals and a long NHL career for very little return. 

Satan serves as a cautionary tale: don't give up on prospects too soon--especially those who are delivering results! 

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The truth about character

Jason Strudwick
June 27 2013 11:18AM

With the draft coming up on Sunday there has been a lot of talk about the type of players the Oilers should draft. Rookie general manager Craig MacTavish has said he is very interested in acquiring more skill through the draft. I wonder if that is the best approach to build a winning team.

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Report: Tampa Bay looking to deal Ryan Malone

Jonathan Willis
June 27 2013 08:09AM

According to CBC’s Elliotte Friedman, the Tampa Bay Lightning are looking to move veteran left winger Ryan Malone; if they can’t, they will likely choose to buy him out of his contract.

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Dustin Penner blasts hockey rumour blogger

Jonathan Willis
June 26 2013 09:50PM

Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

On Sunday, Los Angeles Kings blogger Isaak Koenka of the website wrote a piece that criticized Kings forward Dustin Penner and relayed un-sourced reports that Penner and his agent were already trying to sell other teams on the pending unrestricted free agent.

On Wednesday, Penner took to Twitter to express his view of the story.

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June 26 2013 05:39PM

The Edmonton Oilers have supplied us with endless stories at the draft table--some diamonds, some stone. The annual teenage crapshoot has blessed the copper and blue and beaten the Oildrop about the face and hands a few times too. For fans, sometimes the indications are clear early on. 

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