Jason Gregor
June 11 2013 01:50PM

Dallas Eakins will spend this week in Edmonton talking to Steve Smith and Kelly Buchberger to see if they will be part of his coaching staff. He will also sit down with Craig MacTavish and get a sense of the roster, the strengths and weaknesses, and start planning for next season.

Eakins is very intense, he's a fitness freak and when I spoke to him on my radio show yesterday afternoon, it was clear he is a man with a plan. He wants teams to fear the Oilers skill, their speed and their physicality. Of course, the latter hasn't been a strength of the Oilers for years, and Eakins gave us some insight on how he plans to change that as well as they style and system his team will play next season.

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Dallas Eakins and Priorities

Jonathan Willis
June 11 2013 08:55AM

Dallas Eakins, like the men who have preceded him as head coach of the Oilers the last few years, proved that at the least he was very capable of saying interesting things at his debut Edmonton press conference. What do his words tell us about how he’s going to run the team?

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June 10 2013 04:48PM

Toronto takes a beating from the rest of Canada, and let's be honest they're full measure for it. However, there are wonderful things from and about Toronto. On this historic day--when Toronto sends us their best coach (thanks!)--it's time to pay homage to the city money that built.

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June 10 2013 03:17PM


Now that the dust has settled on the third coaching change for the Mighty Oil in the last 5 years it is time to do what we Oilers fans do best. Debate the shuffling of the deck chairs on the Titanic while the good teams battle it out for the Stanley Cup.

Was giving the Thirteenth Head Coach the ol' Georgie Burnett after 48 games and no real training camp the right move for the Mighty Oil? Let's get to it.

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Report: Teemu Hartikainen signs in the KHL

Jonathan Willis
June 10 2013 12:50PM


According to the highly reliable Craig Custance of ESPN, Oilers forward Teemu Hartikainen will play in the KHL next season.

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