Jason Gregor
June 13 2013 02:26PM

The fate of the Phoenix Coyotes could be decided within the next two weeks. NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly mentioned yesterday that it is possible that Phoenix could relocate. "It certainly means that it's possible that the team won't play there next year. We're in the short strokes in Phoenix now," said Daly.

The Coyotes saga has gone on way too long, but yesterday Daly and Gary Bettman spoke openly about relocation, something they've been loathe to do. Many feel Seattle would be the obvious destination, but what if Seattle or Quebec aren't viable, could we see a dispersal draft?

It is unlikely, but if it happens some teams would get some pretty good players.

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Oilers prospect Kristians Pelss missing (updated)

Jonathan Willis
June 13 2013 11:25AM

Kristians Pelss, a 2010 Oilers draft pick, is missing in his home country of Latvia, with one Latvian news source reporting that he is dead – a report that has yet to be independently verified .

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Nation Network 2013 Mock Draft: Day 2

Jonathan Willis
June 13 2013 10:14AM

Photo: Alaney2k/Wikimedia

Yesterday we asked readers network-wide to vote their choices for the first 10 slots in this year’s entry draft. The results are in; which teams landed which players?

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Nation Network 2013 Mock Draft: Picks 1-10

Jonathan Willis
June 12 2013 08:29AM

Photo: Alaney2k/Wikimedia

Mock drafts are popular this time of year, and we’ve decided to do something a little different at the Nation this summer. Instead of presenting our picks, we’ll show consensus rankings and offer up scouting reports, than ask our readers to vote on the order they would select those players in.

We start with the top-10 selections.

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Jason Gregor
June 11 2013 01:50PM

Dallas Eakins will spend this week in Edmonton talking to Steve Smith and Kelly Buchberger to see if they will be part of his coaching staff. He will also sit down with Craig MacTavish and get a sense of the roster, the strengths and weaknesses, and start planning for next season.

Eakins is very intense, he's a fitness freak and when I spoke to him on my radio show yesterday afternoon, it was clear he is a man with a plan. He wants teams to fear the Oilers skill, their speed and their physicality. Of course, the latter hasn't been a strength of the Oilers for years, and Eakins gave us some insight on how he plans to change that as well as they style and system his team will play next season.

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