Realignment: Good or bad for the Oilers’ playoff hopes?

Jonathan Willis
June 06 2013 12:28PM

The NHL is realigning its teams next season, a long overdue move that will shift Winnipeg to the West where they belong, ensure each team hosts every other team at least once, and groups teams more firmly along their time zone lines.

But is it good or bad for the Oilers’ playoff hopes?

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June 05 2013 05:32PM

Today is a sweet day for the site – we get to proudly announce that Lexus of Edmonton has become the first Community Partner of

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Jason Gregor
June 05 2013 12:08PM

***Photo courtesy of James Egan Photography.***

From the moment I welcomed Darnell Nurse onto my show on Monday he impressed me. He was very polite, poised, well-spoken and comfortable. I really enjoy interviewing people for the first time, because it is the unknown and I never know how the interview will go, but right away I sensed Nurse would be a great guest.

He might have even exceeded my initial expectations as the interview went by very quickly and easily.  He gave some great answers, but moreso I felt he let the listeners get a sense of who he was. After the interview I spoke with a few NHL people who interviewed him at the combine, and they were very impressed with his maturity, calm demeanor and his focus when they interviewed him.

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Edmonton Oilers depth chart: June 2013

Jonathan Willis
June 05 2013 09:36AM

If we were to draw up what the Oilers look like right now, before the draft and free agency and the trades of summer, what would it look like? What would represent “mission accomplished” for the Oilers’ brain trust?

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June 05 2013 07:06AM

Anton Lander's North American hockey career has not gone as planned, but there are some signs that he might be turning the corner in OKC. Part of his success? A little help from his "Nordic" friends.

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