April 13 2013 09:37AM

There is a large segment of Oilers Nation that never did buy in to Ales Hemsky as a hockey player. Despite sick hands and incredible creativity, Hemsky's heart has always been questioned in certain circles. The most recent example is this week, when it was revealed that 83 has been playing through pain for much of the season. Despite that revelation, the major issue with Hemsky this week is media availability. What the hell, Hemsky?

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Robin Brownlee
April 12 2013 08:37PM

I'm guessing the Edmonton Oilers could have finished 29th last season and lurched into 20-something-place in this lockout-shortened season handily without using two years of Ryan Nugent-Hopkins' entry level contract, but RNH will play his 100th NHL game Saturday against the Calgary Flames.

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How we got here: a brief history of the post-Sather Oilers

Jonathan Willis
April 12 2013 12:50PM

When Glen Sather left the Edmonton Oilers for a job in New York in 2000, it was a major milestone for the club. Head coach Kevin Lowe replaced Sather at the helm and launched the current era of Oilers’ history.

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April 12 2013 07:25AM

Curtis Joseph was an Edmonton Oiler for only 2 and a half seasons. Those seasons--half of 1995, all of 1996 and 1997--featured stellar goaltending performances and two of the finest playoff performances in the game's history. 

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Chicago and Pittsburgh and Edmonton

Jonathan Willis
April 11 2013 01:40PM

Photo: Andy/Wikimedia

With the Oilers all but eliminated from the post-season - their fourth consecutive regulation loss dropped their chances to 1-in-40 - and the outcome of this campaign nearly in the books, it seemed a good time to compare the progress of the Oilers’ rebuild to successful ones in Pittsburgh and Chicago

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