Magnus Paajarvi should start 2013-14 on the third line

Jonathan Willis
May 15 2013 07:27AM

When it comes to building hockey teams, I’m a firm believer that (to the extent possible in a salary cap world) every general manager should be a pessimist. If it’s a 50/50 bet that a player can recover from an injury, or return to his offensive form, or stay healthy, the G.M. should bet against his player. That way, if things go badly, he’s covered; if things go well, he has a pleasant surprise that can either help his team win or can be used to address an area of weakness.

That proclivity for pessimism is why I think the Oilers would be well-advised not to start Magnus Paajarvi in a scoring role next season.

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May 14 2013 08:59PM

This past NHL season, there were 60 defensemen who averaged more TOI per game than the top Oilers blueliner (Jeff Petry). The club has no top pairing, but rather five men who alternate between 18:30 and 21:54 a night. There is no "go to" guy--no top flight, complete defender--and that's a major job for Craig MacTavish.

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May 14 2013 01:12PM


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Jason Gregor
May 14 2013 12:34PM

Whoever drafts Sean Monahan will be getting a very driven, mature and intelligent young man. I spoke with the projected top-ten pick and I came away very impressed.

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Is it time for larger nets?

Jonathan Willis
May 14 2013 11:46AM

NHL goaltenders have been improving, year-over-year, in nearly every season since the league started tracking save percentage. In the early 1980’s, an NHL team could expect to score 13 goals for every 100 shots it took; today, they can expect to score on less than nine.

Are bigger nets the answer?

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