Jason Gregor
April 30 2013 11:40AM

Before Craig MacTavish had his final press conference, it was clear to everyone that the Oilers would need to make some major changes this summer. The GM agreed, and he said that having eight new faces next year would be reasonable.

MacTavish went on to explain the weaknesses he sees with his current lineup.

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OilersNation 2013 Year-End Awards

Jonathan Willis
April 30 2013 09:42AM

Starting this year, the Nation will hold end-of-season awards, so put on your best tuxedo t-shirt and click “Read Article” for this year’s choices.

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The Finish Line

Jason Strudwick
April 30 2013 08:06AM

It is over. The Edmonton Oilers season wrapped up Saturday night with a win over the Canucks. The team ended on a high note with a two-game win streak. If I am being honest they are not really wins. On Friday, the Wild goalies couldn't stop an earth ball if it hit them in the chest. Saturday night I spent most of the game trying to figure out who all these Canuck players were.

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April 29 2013 10:36PM

A Craig MacTavish media conference is always worth the price of admission, and today he rolled out "the plan" for this summer: although it will stop short of a complete makeover, we may not recognize major portions of the roster when the leaves begin to fall.

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April 29 2013 04:03PM

Have you received positive reviews at work lately? Perhaps a supervisor or boss commended you for "excellent use of time around the office" or a "focus on efficiency?" Well throw that attitude out the window friends. It's time to waste some time during the playoffs. Some serious time. I'm talkin' bout StreakCred - the Nation Network Playoff Game.

Curious? Of course you are. Who wants to climb the corporate ladder anyway? AMIRITE?*

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