The Top Nine

Jason Strudwick
February 27 2013 05:05PM

I have been impressed with the play of both Ryan Jones and Ben Eager. Right now we are talking about a very small sample size. Jones has just gotten started this year and Eager has had injury problems as well. Could it be that the answer to the Oilers issues of size and aggression has been on the IR for most of this season?

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Jason Gregor
February 27 2013 11:59AM

It seems clear that any player who makes it to the NHL is competitive. They had to beat out thousands of players just to get a shot in the league, but even in the NHL there are different types of competitors.

Your team will have a mixture of tough competitors and fragile competitors.

Do the Oilers have enough tough competitors?

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Has Justin Schultz hit a wall?

Jonathan Willis
February 27 2013 09:38AM

I’m not sure anyone’s ever done a proper study, but anecdotally it seems like players that come through the college system seem to slow down somewhere around the 40-game mark early in their professional careers.

Justin Schultz has now played in 52 contests, and he’s in a bit of a slump.

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February 26 2013 05:03PM

The Edmonton Oilers have to make a decision in the next few months on Lalislav Smid: sign him--buying free agent seasons at a premium--or let him go and attempt to find a less expensive solution. What is the better plan?

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Jason Gregor
February 26 2013 01:17PM

As you scramble to debate whether you should top up your RRSP contributions or buy new TV, (you might have taken your Oilers frustration out on your TV) we'll discuss all thing NHL and the Oilers.

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