January 01 2013 08:50AM

(Photo by Rob Ferguson. All rights reserved).

As an Oilers fan, I would love to see this damn lockout end today, with news that the NHLers in OKC will fly to YEG after the AHL game against Houston tonight. The positive arrows in OKC are real and spectacular, and the "possible callup" list is increasing.

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KHL: Ending 2012 with a bang

Steve Dangle
December 31 2012 10:23AM


Kovalchuk vs. Chara, Malkin's Magnitogorsk kills it, Ovechkin and Radulov go RRRAAAAWWWWRRRR! and more.


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The Edmonton Oilers Defensive Depth

Jonathan Willis
December 31 2012 09:10AM

What sort of shape is the Oilers’ blue line in? Is it good enough to play if/when NHL hockey returns?

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December 30 2012 08:34PM

These AHL games in OKC are fascinating. Fantastic talent mixed with marginal pro's on the same roster, insane talent out against modern day Ogie Ogilthorpe's and promotions that appear to be so ridiculous the mind boggles (someone wins a car every Saturday night!). For me, there is one question I'm dying to know the answer to, and I suspect it is available. Somewhere.

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What about Taylor Fedun?

Jason Strudwick
December 30 2012 01:53PM

Taylor Fedun had an unfortunate and difficult start to his professional career.

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