April 18 2013 10:30AM

A quick thing needs to be discussed today. Nothing crazy - just the usual cry for last minute entries for our photoshop contest.

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Robin Brownlee
April 17 2013 10:57PM

As somebody who has watched Ryan Smyth since he was a baby-faced rookie with the Edmonton Oilers, who has witnessed him grinding out a better NHL career than he had any reasonable right to based on natural talent, it's been difficult to watch him in the twilight of his career.

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Jason Gregor
April 17 2013 11:05AM

Scott Howson spent five years and eight months as General Manager of the Columbus Blue Jackets, before being fired in February, and on Monday he officially returned to the Oilers  as VP of Hockey Operations.

What has he learned since leaving Edmonton? What will he bring to the organization?

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Kevin Lowe: Edmonton Oilers “appreciate each and every fan”

Jonathan Willis
April 17 2013 09:20AM

After drawing some fire for heated comments made during the announcement of Criag MacTavish as general manager of the Oilers, club president Kevin Lowe issued a statement on Tuesday to clarify his remarks.

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The Oilers are better than their record of late – and Craig MacTavish knows it

Jonathan Willis
April 17 2013 12:21AM

The Oilers have lost six straight games. Tuesday night’s contest against Minnesota was the first time they managed to score more than a single goal during a game in that span. They have been out-shot and out-chanced in all six contests.

Despite that, they’re a better team than six consecutive losses would indicate.

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