Jason Gregor
April 16 2013 12:23PM

The Oilers won't reach their goal of making the playoffs. For them it sucks. They want to win, and missing the playoffs for the 7th consecutive season must feel like a swift kick to the junk. However, the Oilers need to suck it up and compete in their final seven games.

If they don't, then new genernal manager Craig MacTavish will have a much more difficult job trying to re-shape his team. If the Oilers don't have enough competitive players, it doesn't matter how much skill, speed or size they assemble. You can't win if you aren't willing to match the intensity, desperation and desire of the opposition.

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Putting the band back together

Jason Strudwick
April 16 2013 09:34AM

Yesterday Steve Tambellini was removed from his position as general manager of the Edmonton Oilers. He was replaced by Craig MacTavish. Former general manager of the Columbus Blue Jackets Scott Howson moves up in the lineup. Kevin Lowe, MacT and Howson have worked closely together before and now must get this team firmly on track.

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Jason Gregor
April 15 2013 11:04PM

Shawn Horcoff has spent all 12 of his NHL seasons in Edmonton. He started as a fourth line centre, worked his way up to the top-line in 2006 and led all Oilers forwards in scoring during their miraculous 2006 Cup run. He's played for four different coaches and tomorrow he'll play for his third general manager.

He experienced one glorious playoff run, a few other postseason appearances, but lately he's mostly experienced losing. I sat down with him to discuss the firing of Steve Tambellini, but I also got his thoughts on the type of team the Oilers have, and what they need to add moving forward.

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Robin Brownlee
April 15 2013 05:29PM

If there's anybody who is actually surprised Craig MacTavish was named the new GM of the Edmonton Oilers today after Steve Tambellini was fired and made the fall guy, they haven't been paying attention.

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Kevin Lowe: “We have two types of fans.”

Jonathan Willis
April 15 2013 03:46PM

It’s difficult to sell renewal in a press conference when the new general manager is coming from within, and so it was perhaps unsurprising that the Oilers brass took some hot questions this morning, most notably from the Edmonton Journal’s John MacKinnon and Sportsnet’s Mark Spector.

Unfortunately for the Oilers, team president Kevin Lowe did not handle a number of them very well.

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