April 09 2013 12:00PM

We missed a draft update on account of being lazily on vacation but best belive the biweekly prize will still go out and another one is awarded in this edition of the draft update. Plus some faint praise for Brooks Laich who has graced the NHL with his appearance after a lengthy spell on the injured reserve list with an unconfirmed injury*

Oh and we will also give a tantalizing glimpse of the playoff draft game that is currently being built.

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Meaningful Games in April

Jonathan Willis
April 09 2013 08:48AM

One of the items that the optimists watching the Edmonton Oilers have pointed to as a sign of progress is the fact that the team is playing meaningful games this late in the season. They were still in it at the deadline and they were still in it in April; these are big improvements over previous years.

Or are they?

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Robin Brownlee
April 09 2013 12:05AM

As quickly as the Edmonton Oilers playoff bandwagon gathered steam with five straight wins, it is today upside down and on fire in the ditch after three straight losses, the last coming 2-1 against the Anaheim Ducks Monday.

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Jason Gregor
April 08 2013 01:14PM

At the start of this four-game road trip the Oilers needed two wins. It didn't matter how, when or where, but they needed at least two victories. They won in Calgary, lost in Vancouver and LA so that leaves them with no choice but to win in Anaheim.

Simple. Just Win.

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The importance of draft picks – right now

Jonathan Willis
April 08 2013 10:36AM

‘Building through the draft’ has been the Oilers’ mantra for several seasons now, and they’ve accumulated some top-end talent in the number one spot. With Taylor Hall, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Nail Yakupov and a host of other young talents on the team, has the importance of draft picks to the organization diminished?

Probably not, and if it has, it should not have.

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