Just play

Jason Strudwick
April 10 2013 11:11AM

Let’s face it, the Oilers playoff hopes are slim. Yes, I know it sucks. Oiler fans are frustrated with what is looking like another year of non-playoff action at Rexall. I don't need to get into all the percentages of the team making it. You all know those already.

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Hall of a thing

Jonathan Willis
April 10 2013 09:39AM

Taylor Hall has hit a totally different level this season. The Edmonton Oilers are one team with him on the ice, they’re a completely different team when he’s sitting on the bench.

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Jason Gregor
April 09 2013 11:23PM

The Oilers goal this season was to play meaningful games in April. Mission accomplished as the Oilers are in the hunt, albeit a long shot now, to make the playoffs.

But is being in the playoff mix after 36 games misleading, when we discuss the improvement of the Oilers? Let's take a deeper look.

Many, me included, feel that the Oilers have improved this season and that they are closer to being a playoff team than in previous years. However, when I looked at some stats, they suggested that I, along with many fans and possibly some within the Oilers organization, might be wrong.

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April 09 2013 09:04PM

The Edmonton Oilers and GM Steve Tambellini have boxed themselves in with Sam Gagner's summer contract. Content to sign him to a 1-year deal, the young center has delivered impressive boxcars and will cost a pretty penny--and he's eligible for free agency just around the corner. Steve Tambellini is faced with buying free agent seasons at a premium, or trading 89.

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April 09 2013 12:00PM

We missed a draft update on account of being lazily on vacation but best belive the biweekly prize will still go out and another one is awarded in this edition of the draft update. Plus some faint praise for Brooks Laich who has graced the NHL with his appearance after a lengthy spell on the injured reserve list with an unconfirmed injury*

Oh and we will also give a tantalizing glimpse of the playoff draft game that is currently being built.

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