FGD: One Tin Soldier - The Legend of City Yak

Vintage Flame
April 01 2013 04:10PM


After Shelbyville showed us all that even a broken clock is right twice a day, the Battle of Alberta gamethread is back where it belongs. Oh and if you don’t get the reference in the title? Google is your friend.

Tonight, two teams on completely different roads will cross paths once again, where scoreboard watching will be put aside in favour of compulsory disdain and a sheer desire to lay the boots to one of your oldest rivals. Since 2009, it has been the Flames doing the majority of kicking, leading the head-to-head series 19-4.

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Jason Gregor
April 01 2013 11:02AM

One of the best April Fools Day jokes I remember was when the Edmonton Journal had a sidebar piece stating Bo Jackson was going to become a three-sport athlete and play hockey. I remember reading it and thinking, "If anyone can do it, Bo can." He was such a freakishly good athlete, but after my brother and I discussed it for about 20 minutes we realized there is no way he could be a good enough skater. Or could he?

Nowadays it is much more difficult to come up with a good prank, since numerous "fun sponges" on social media and blogs remind everyone to be aware.

The good news for Oilers fans is that you woke up today, looked at the NHL standings, and realized the Oilers are actually in the playoff hunt. No joke.

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Jason Gregor
April 01 2013 09:55AM

Ladislav Smid and the Oilers agreed to a four-year extension worth $14 million this morning. This is fair deal for both and a reasonable cap hit of  $3.5 million. The deal does not include a no-movement or no-trade clause.

I'm not surprised the two sides agreed. The Oilers needed Smid and he really likes it in Edmonton. A rare win-win-win, for the team, the player and the fans.


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Is a Ladislav Smid deal imminent?

Jonathan Willis
March 31 2013 02:14PM

The single biggest issue for the Oilers to resolve between now and the NHL trade deadline is the uncertainty of Ladislav Smid’s future with the club. On that note, those hoping to see the Czech rearguard signed to an extension got good news today.

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March 31 2013 01:10PM

The Edmonton Oilers have recalled Anton Lander this afternoon, after a record breaking offensive performance for the Barons last night. Lander is likely to slot in on the 4th line, and could be here awhile.

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