The Walking Dead: Feb. 5 Lottery Standings

Jonathan Willis
February 05 2011 03:08PM

It took five-eighths of the season to do it, but the Edmonton Oilers have finally taken sole possession of 30th in the National Hockey League, thus giving them the best shot at the first overall pick in this summer’s NHL Entry Draft. But can they hold that position?

After the jump, a look at the current lottery standings, and the other contenders for the 30th slot and the best chance at this summer’s first overall pick.

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Cogs in the Wheel

February 05 2011 07:28AM

In Andrew Cogliano's last 10 games, he's ripping it up. Tom Renney is showing faith in the young speedster and is being rewarded with improved play.

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Rangers Scouting Souray

Jonathan Willis
February 04 2011 09:50PM

Despite another loss, there is some good news for Oilers fans. And no, I’m not referring to the fact that the team is one step closer to a high draft pick.

According to Sportsnet’s Mark Spector, the New York Rangers are scouting Sheldon Souray, and Glen Sather has been to Hershey to watch him play.

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Robin Brownlee
February 04 2011 03:04PM

With Steve MacIntyre back in the Edmonton Oilers line-up against the St. Louis Blues tonight, I'd be willing to wager that somebody is going to get punched in the mouth. Repeatedly, perhaps.

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Jason Gregor
February 04 2011 11:37AM

If you are firmly behind the rebuild, I'm sure you did a fist pump when you woke up this morning, looked at the standings, and realized the Oilers are officially in 30th place. Exciting Last Place Hockey has been Wanye's mantra all season long, and at least for a day it is legit. The New Jersey Devils picked up 12 more points than the Oilers in the past ten games, and are on their way up the standings, while the Oilers have fans thinking of "slogans" for the final 32 games.

"We'll go through hell to get A.L."

"Ride the powerplay all the way to Couturier."

"I'll chug preparation H to pick R.N.H."

"Play Khabby and we'll draft Gabby."

**If you use any of these groaners, the NATION and I want credit.**

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