Is a Ladislav Smid deal imminent?

Jonathan Willis
March 31 2013 02:14PM

The single biggest issue for the Oilers to resolve between now and the NHL trade deadline is the uncertainty of Ladislav Smid’s future with the club. On that note, those hoping to see the Czech rearguard signed to an extension got good news today.

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March 31 2013 01:10PM

The Edmonton Oilers have recalled Anton Lander this afternoon, after a record breaking offensive performance for the Barons last night. Lander is likely to slot in on the 4th line, and could be here awhile.

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The Hybrid Approach

Jonathan Willis
March 31 2013 11:35AM

Photo: Happyfamily/Wikimedia

With the Edmonton Oilers clawing their way back into the playoff picture, the management group responsible for the team faces some difficult trade deadline decisions. Should they sell veteran assets, reasoning that they’re still well less than 50/50 to make the post-season? Or should they bring players in, supporting a team that has played well of late to make a playoff push?

As the title suggests, my feeling is that a little bit of both is in order.

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Jason Gregor
March 30 2013 10:55AM

Tonight the Oilers will try to win three consecutive games for the first time this season. They've won back-to-back games only three times this year, and in their two previous attempts they lost in a SO vs. San Jose and in OT to Detroit. Their inability to put together a winning streak, even a short three-gamer, is the reason why they sit in 12th place in the west.

The Oilers are one of six teams without a three-game winning streak, and not surprisingly all six of them are out of the playoffs. Florida has won two straight game only twice, Oilers have done it three times, the Flames, Avalanche and Flyers four times and the Coyotes have won two straight five times.

No team in the history of the NHL has made the playoffs without a three-game winning streak, so if the Oilers have any post-season aspirations they need a win over the red-hot Vancouver Canucks.

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March 30 2013 10:09AM

Back in the olden days we didn't call them power forwards. We used words like "rugged" and "filthy" and of course good teams often had at least two of them sprinkled throughout the lineup. Which brings us to the question of the day: does a powerforward need to be a good hockey player, or is it possible to insert an enforcer/Coke Machine into the heart of the order and get a good result?

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