January 28 2013 12:47PM

As the lockout becomes a more and more distant memory life is returning to normal quickly. Whitney is being blamed for a slow start in Edmonton, children are screaming at Horcoff with wild eyes afire and Jordan Eberle is already cruising to the top of the scoring race.

Ah the good life. Today we update NationDrafts out of the gate, give a status on NationHoodies and summarize the Charitable Donations from the Nation Network so far in 2013.

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Jets Nation Casting Call

Kent Wilson
January 28 2013 11:19AM


So NHL hockey is back and every nation site is rocking with tons of daily content, comments, arguments and the odd terrible MS paint picture or photoshop.

Every site, that is, except for the baby in the network: JetsNation.

I convinced Wanye to buy JetsNation.ca and develop the site as soon as they announced a team would be returning to Winnipeg because, hey! Opportunity! I figured it would be easy to track down tons of shiny new excited bloggers and that JetsNation would be bigger than the Beatles in no time.

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Four Games In

Jonathan Willis
January 28 2013 08:49AM

The Edmonton Oilers have played four games now. They beat Vancouver to start the season, and all was well. They got smoked by the Sharks, and things were awful. They beat the defending champions in overtime, and all was well again. Finally, on Saturday they lost to Calgary and once again things were terrible.

Are they the team that went toe-to-toe with Western powers Vancouver and L.A., or the team that was humiliated by San Jose and outplayed by the Flames? My guess is that they’re somewhere in the middle.

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Old Man Power

January 27 2013 02:55PM

Awhile back, during the 2010-2011 season to be exact, and in a past writing life, I had said that what the Oilers needed, desperately, was some Sam Elliot kind of leadership.

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January 27 2013 11:41AM

One of the ways we can evaluate rookie players is by comparing them to players of the past. In the case of Justin Schultz, finding rookie comparables might be a problem. Why? Justin Schultz is unique.

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