What about Ladislav Smid?

Jonathan Willis
March 12 2013 12:18AM

Of the Oilers’ pending unrestricted free agents, none is more vital to the team than Ladislav Smid.

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Style vs. substance and the Edmonton Oilers

Jonathan Willis
March 11 2013 02:55PM

There’s a school of thought that suggests playoff hockey is war, and the team with the biggest, strongest players will carry the day every time. Is that kind of team necessary to win in the post-season, and if so what do the Oilers need to do to get there themselves?

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March 11 2013 11:57AM

Another 2 weeks has gone by in the First Ever NationDrafts.com league of extraordinary drafting people. Rolls right off the tongue doesn't it? If you want to read about those who are kicking the crap out of us mere mortals and see some serious shade thrown at a Mr. Brooks Laich read on after the jump.

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O Captain, My Captain

Jason Strudwick
March 11 2013 11:15AM

Shawn Horcoff has been a lightning rod for fans frustrations for the last few years. With the big contract he received from the Oilers has come a lot of abuse. In my opinion, it’s unfair.

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Jason Strudwick Defencemen Camp - April 6th and 7th.

Jason Strudwick
March 11 2013 09:36AM

I have been working at Mt. Carmel school and helping out some youth hockey teams this year. I love the kids’ enthusiasm and work ethic. They always take a second to hear what I have to say and try to make the changes in their games.

If I am being honest, I don't have a lot to offer in the department of scoring goals. Try as I might, when I played it just never came together for me in that area! We all have skills, scoring wasn't mine.

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