Edmonton’s Player Usage Charts

Jonathan Willis
March 09 2013 09:38PM

The chart above comes courtesy of Rob Vollman, who has done some work here at the Nation and writes all over the place. It shows where the Oilers have started their shifts this year, what kind of opposition they have faced, and how well they have fared in terms of generating more shot attempts than the other team (big blue bubble = good, big red bubble = bad).

It’s an interesting way of looking at players.

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A summer of miscalculation; a winter of failure

Jonathan Willis
March 09 2013 11:56AM

The Edmonton Oilers 2013 season did not fall apart during a nine-game road trip. The nine-game road trip was simply the point in the season when a summer of inept management finally caught up to the team.

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March 09 2013 09:27AM

It's a strange morning for Oilers Nation. The things we might like to do--bag skate the management team, for instance--are not available to us. The team has not delivered entertainment for two games now, the coach is running out of positives (and baby that's saying something) and we are here. Again. What can we do?

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Jason Gregor
March 08 2013 12:15PM

*We encourage everyone to drink responsibly.*

Friday is one of the best days of week. The work week is over, you look forward to a few days off and you've usually got something planned. Most of you will watch tonight's game in Nashville despite how frustrated you were watching last night's game in Detroit.

That's what Oiler fans do. You're a veteran when it comes to dealing with hockey disappointment. You loathe the feeling, yet you still show up and watch the next game. Despite this seemingly endless cycle of losing, you still find the strength and courage to watch your beloved Oilers.

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March 08 2013 07:11AM


For most Oiler fans, the first time they heard the name "Martin Gelinas" was a moment of high stress: our brains stopped working at "Wayne Gretzky has been traded" and we couldn't grasp anything else due to the ringing in our ears, the bile in our throat, and the building rage. 

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