March 01 2013 10:33AM

A 5-1 over Dallas in Dallas last night? Jeff Petry scoring in two straight games? The rookie party must have been one hell of a morale raiser for the Mighty Oil because that was as complete of a game as we have seen in awhile from the Copper and Blue and Orange and Blue.

Time to party if you ask me.

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March 01 2013 07:12AM

He arrived as something of an unknown, partial payment for fan favorite Andy Moog. In the spring of 1990, when fans were aghast at his poor play against Winnipeg, Bill Ranford turned on a dime and posted a performance for the ages. Oiler fans watched in awe, as Ranford rewarded them with a Conn Smythe performance and a major role in the club's 5th Stanley. 

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Jason Gregor
February 28 2013 11:42PM

The Oilers played one of their most complete games of the season en route to a 5-1 victory in Dallas. They worked harder, won more one-on-one battles, and they finally had a few breaks go their way.

Their 9-game road trip is off to a great start.

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Jason Gregor
February 28 2013 11:50AM

The Dallas Stars domination over the Edmonton Oilers has become laughable. In 74 meetings the Oilers have won a meagre 15 games. The Stars have won 79.7% of the games. No other franchise has dominated the Oilers like the Stars, but if the Oilers want to make the playoffs, or at least stay in the hunt, they need to beat the Stars.

I don't see a scenario where both of these teams make the playoffs, so the Oilers need to win. A win would give them a 33.3 winning percentage against Dallas this year, which would be a big step forward.

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Size and the Stanley Cup Finals

Jonathan Willis
February 28 2013 09:18AM

We’ve all heard the story: that collection of skilled midgets the Edmonton Oilers run in their top-six might be fine in the regular season, but in the Stanley Cup playoffs they’re going to be run over by teams that are bigger, stronger and meaner than they are.

Does the myth of size succeeding in the postseason match the reality of recent playoffs?

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