Jason Gregor
February 28 2013 11:50AM

The Dallas Stars domination over the Edmonton Oilers has become laughable. In 74 meetings the Oilers have won a meagre 15 games. The Stars have won 79.7% of the games. No other franchise has dominated the Oilers like the Stars, but if the Oilers want to make the playoffs, or at least stay in the hunt, they need to beat the Stars.

I don't see a scenario where both of these teams make the playoffs, so the Oilers need to win. A win would give them a 33.3 winning percentage against Dallas this year, which would be a big step forward.

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Size and the Stanley Cup Finals

Jonathan Willis
February 28 2013 09:18AM

We’ve all heard the story: that collection of skilled midgets the Edmonton Oilers run in their top-six might be fine in the regular season, but in the Stanley Cup playoffs they’re going to be run over by teams that are bigger, stronger and meaner than they are.

Does the myth of size succeeding in the postseason match the reality of recent playoffs?

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February 27 2013 10:28PM

As waiver pickups go, Ryan Jones was a beauty. In his two full seasons with the Oilers, Jones has scored 18 and 17 goals while providing the team with a physical presence and miles and miles of energy shifts. Ryan Jones, as they say, has a terrific motor--it won't stop running! Now: what's that worth?

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The Top Nine

Jason Strudwick
February 27 2013 05:05PM

I have been impressed with the play of both Ryan Jones and Ben Eager. Right now we are talking about a very small sample size. Jones has just gotten started this year and Eager has had injury problems as well. Could it be that the answer to the Oilers issues of size and aggression has been on the IR for most of this season?

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Jason Gregor
February 27 2013 11:59AM

It seems clear that any player who makes it to the NHL is competitive. They had to beat out thousands of players just to get a shot in the league, but even in the NHL there are different types of competitors.

Your team will have a mixture of tough competitors and fragile competitors.

Do the Oilers have enough tough competitors?

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