Best of the Nation: 2.17.13

Jonathan Willis
February 17 2013 11:15AM

After the jump: the single-biggest story in the NHL last week, a mess of trades, injuries, and trade rumours, how bloggers are once again undermining Western society, and Graphic Comments. Also - and this is important - the Winnipeg Jets' all-time greatest moustaches.

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February 16 2013 12:25PM


As promised the 2012 Lockout has condensed the 2013 season and put 'er on FF. Normally as Oilers fans we are entitled to at least several weeks of unreasonable optimism, followed by about a month or so where we are confused and perplexed about the team. Are they underachieving? Is the performance we are seeing legitimate given the talent the team has? Then we turn on each other for a month or two and then finally invent snazzy acronyms for being in last place.

But with the lockout shortened season this annual dance has been compressed and months have become weeks. Weeks have turned into days. Days become seconds. It's all happening so fast.

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The Things I Like About Ralph Krueger

Jonathan Willis
February 16 2013 11:51AM

When the Edmonton Oilers decided to hire Ralph Krueger to replace Tom Renney as head coach, I had mixed feelings. On the one hand, they knew Krueger better than any of the external candidates, and Krueger’s résumé was excellent (if unconventional). On the other hand, my preferred choice was Jon Cooper for a variety of reasons.

I still like Cooper, but I’ve been very impressed by Krueger so far.

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February 16 2013 10:00AM

For the Edmonton Oilers, Ryan Smyth and Ryan Whitney need to be a big part of this year's team. Their combined salaries ($6.25M) tell us these two players need to be in the heart of the order and to deliver. So far this season, the results have been disappointing, and coach Krueger responded with the most powerful weapon in his arsenal: cutting off playing time. Today, we see the impact.

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Robin Brownlee
February 15 2013 06:19PM

It's not often I disagree with Jason Strudwick, and I certainly can't remember a time I've disagreed strongly enough to write about it, but his suggestion today fans of the Edmonton Oilers should lower their expectations is as wrong as a comb-over in a wind storm.

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