February 13 2013 10:24PM

Do the Edmonton Oilers have something in Kristian Pelss? Will he score enough to have a pro career? Can he make the NHL?

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February 13 2013 01:08PM

It shatters our mind that we have to write this article but some real sons of bitches out there are asking for it saying Ryan Smyth is finished and his healthy scratching last night was an excellent play.

Its just embarassing that we are the fans of the same team. Embarassing.

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The course is set

Jonathan Willis
February 13 2013 10:21AM

Thirteen games in, the Edmonton Oilers season has not unfolded as brilliantly as those optimistic about the team would have hoped.

If the team is to improve, however, it will likely need to do so from within.

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Jason Gregor
February 12 2013 12:44PM

The Edmonton Oilers used to feast on the Minnesota North Stars. Over 14 seasons the Oilers were 27-7-11, but once they dropped the North, relocated to Dallas for the 1993/1994 season and became the Stars, they have owned the Oilers.

The Stars are 54-13-4-2 v. the Oilers since moving to Dallas. If you add in the playoffs, 23-10, they are a ridiculous 77-23-4-2 all-time against Edmonton. That is not typo.

Nine different Oiler head coaches have witnessed their team get dominated by the Stars over the past 18 1/3 seasons, so Ralph Krueger will be in tough to try and change this one-sided series.

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Dustin Penner: On the trade market again

Jonathan Willis
February 12 2013 08:04AM

Photo: Sidmeister78/Wikimedia

It looks like once again Dustin Penner has fallen into disfavor. The 6’4” winger has played in just four of Los Angeles’ 11 games this season, and his name is starting to crop up in trade rumours.

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