Jason Gregor
February 11 2013 01:35PM

At the quarter pole (figuratively, not in racing terms) of this abbreviated NHL season the Oilers find themselves on the cusp of a playoff spot. While many are lamenting the state of the Oilers, and I understand there are many areas of concern, the fact is the Oilers are in the playoff hunt.

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February 11 2013 12:35PM

A sunny monday morning in Edmonton finds some of us shaking our heads in wonder that the Oilers have cooled off so mightily. Others are happy that the Good Guys pulled out a win in Columbus and look to the next game against (goes and looks) Columbus? Again? After a pair of matinees? Who made this schedule?!

BAH. Theres a Draft update and the first run of NationTees dropping after the jump.

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Question Period

February 11 2013 08:07AM

It seems the Oilers are entering a tipping point of sorts.

Scanning the intertubes I’ve noticed that fans are beginning to schism into two familiar, yet divergent camps.

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February 10 2013 01:18PM

A slumpbuster is defined as "something way below your normal standards that you know you can win at." You take what you can get to get back in the game. That's todays game vs Columbus in a nutshell. And its a matinee too. *yawns*

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February 10 2013 09:57AM

Theo Peckham was drafted by the Edmonton Oilers shortly after the 2006 Stanley run. Edmonton didn't have a first round pick, there was very little information available on their second rounder (some kid named Jeff Petry, his Dad pitched for the Tigers) so Peckham got a lot of attention on the blogs and in the newspapers. Since then, it's been a wild ride, sometimes blacktop sometimes the ditch. When we met him, his nickname was "Wreckum." As it turns out, that may be an apt description of his career.

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