August 19 2016 01:35PM

The Edmonton Oilers had a busy summer, at the draft, in free agency and in the trade market. There were also some changes in management and scouting—including some shuffling on the amateur side. Since procurement is the life's blood of an NHL team, keeping track of the scouting staff makes sense. It is an area Peter Chiarelli has tweaked quite a bit since his arrival.

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Making the Case for Another Right Wing

Jonathan Willis
August 19 2016 11:18AM


Yesterday, I wrote that Radim Vrbata signing in Arizona was a missed opportunity for the Oilers. Many in the comments section disagreed, and so I thought it might be helpful to make the larger case as to why Edmonton needs another good right wing.

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The Roundup

Nation World HQ
August 19 2016 05:00AM


Leafs shouldn't be tanking, the Canucks climb back up the standings, Red Wings re-live jail, comparing Gaudreau to the NHL's best, Oilers building on inheritance, a KHL player goes crazy, NCAA free agent frenzy, no goalie equipment changes, new advanced stats and more in this week's Nation Roundup brought to you by Violent Gentlemen.

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Get Ready for a Whole New Level of Advanced Stats

Chris the Intern
August 18 2016 03:30PM

Gary Bettman and the NHL held a press conference early Wednesday morning to discuss the World Cup Of Hockey. In this press conference they talked about ads on jerseys, digitally enhanced dasher boards for more ads (and more money), and other miscellaneous hockey talk. Most importantly, Bettman announced that puck and player tracking will be tested during the World Cup of Hockey tournament. 

The NHL tried this experiment once before during the 2015-16 All-Star Game, however, it sounds like they've made some adjustments and are taking another swing at it. Sportvision, the same company that does play tracking for the NFL, MLB, Olympics, etc are currently leading the charge. If this new technology can be perfected, it will be a huge step forward for hockey analytics.

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Ben Scrivens Stirs the Pot?

August 18 2016 01:18PM

Over at the Journal, Cult of Hockey blog master general David Staples posted the transcript from an interview that Ben Scrivens did with a Russian website called Sport-Express. During the interview, Scrivens was asked about the Oilers and his answers are blowing up Twitter again. Should we make a big deal out it? Should we torch our Scrivens jerseys in a bonfire the likes of which has never been seen? Probably not. 

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